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Some estate planning priorities for people about to retire

Estate planning benefits people at all stages of their lives. However, those in each demographic group tend to have a few issues that they prioritize. As an example, parents with young children might put a lot of thought into choosing guardians for their children.

Choosing a guardian for your child

No matter how emotional the concept, you need to choose a guardian for your child. Otherwise, your death could trigger family disputes and cause your child more trauma, and the person who raises him or her may not be the person you would ever have wanted. Not only that, if you do not appoint a guardian, the court gets to decide.

4 reasons you need an attorney to help you with your will

As the provider of your household, it is your role to protect your family. This responsibility does not end with your passing. You can still protect your loved ones from the other side by creating a will now. It is never too early to do so, and you can always modify it as your circumstances change. Before you get started, understand the importance of utilizing the services of an estate planning attorney instead of using a do-it-yourself form. A lawyer can help you in these four ways.

Do you need to name a medical power of attorney?

As people work their way through the estate planning process, they have a number of decisions to make about the way the end-of-life care and the disposition of the estate will happen. Navigating those choices can be difficult, especially because there seems to be a large number of choices that are very similar for many different forms of estate planning. It can also be difficult to know which choice is most appropriate, even when the differences between them are obvious.

Do you have to include your children in your will in Florida?

As you prepare your will, you may wonder if you have to include all or any of your children in it. Perhaps your relationship with them is strained and contentious. Maybe some of your children are irresponsible with money or have addictions. You may not have even seen your children in decades. The problem may even lie with untrustworthy children-in-law who you believe would try to claim their spouse's inheritance by comingling it with marital assets. Whatever the reason, you do not need to feel any duty to include your children or guilt for not wanting to. Florida law does not mandate that you have to leave anything to them.

4 things to include in your will

A will doesn't need to be overly long and complex to be effective. However, it must contain certain information to ensure your family and Florida courts honor your wishes. Include the following four things in your will for the best outcome for all who are involved. Keep in mind that it's best to draft a will with the assistance of an attorney who has experience in estate planning. Doing so will make your will clear and thorough, reducing the likelihood of any confusion and disputes among your family.

Wills: What to consider when preparing

Preparing to make final arrangements by drafting a will is important because if no will is found to exist, the probate courts will divide your estate in accordance with Florida law, which could take a considerable amount of time. Prince's estate in Minnesota is just one example of why having a will is very important, especially if there are a number of assets to distribute.

Don't repeat the mistakes of (well known) others

Your mother is dying of cancer. For a year you nurse her - back massages and sponge baths - right down to her final days. And then, after her passing you learn that, per her wishes, the estate will not be evenly divided; some of your siblings will get significantly more than you.

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