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Update on the Florida International University bridge collapse

Most Florida residents remember the tragic collapse of a pedestrian bridge that was under construction near Florida International University. The bridge was being built to make it safer for people to cross a busy street. Unfortunately, as you may be aware, last March a portion of the bridge collapsed and killed one construction worker and five people in vehicles that were stopped at a red light beneath the bridge. At Welbaum, Guernsey, Hingston, Gregory & Black, L.L.P., we are always saddened to hear about a construction project harming someone, and we are prepared to answer the questions of those affected by faulty construction.

How can you create strong relationships with subcontractors?

Working with subcontractors is an excellent way to guarantee that you are using some of the best talent in Florida. You can draw on the strengths and proficiencies of others to perform impeccably in areas where you may need development. Creating strong relationships with the subcontractors you use is imperative to a successful outcome on any project. 

When a dispute arises over an engineering project

Disputes over an engineering project surface for all sorts of reasons. In some instances, disagreements are centered around design or a project's budget, while others may involve financing or delays.  In Miami, and cities across all of Florida, these disputes can be devastating for a company and must be handled cautiously. There may be certain legal options on the table and taking the right approach in court can make all the difference. Unfortunately, some of these disputes are even based on false allegations or misunderstandings but still result in serious consequences.

Common construction disputes and how to avoid them

Most Florida business owners have faced a dispute once or twice in their careers. While it is common for miscommunication, misunderstandings and other obstacles to land in the laps of clients and businesses, those that occur in the construction industry have their own set of challenges. The below information discusses some of the most typical construction disputes, and how professionals in the industry go about addressing these issues.

Companies accused of negligence in death of man

Companies involved in the design and building of large public transportation initiatives such as freeways, tunnels and bridges should ensure that safety is a top priority. Unfortunately it might seem to some people that these entities put other business interests such as deadlines and cost savings ahead of safety or human lives. In the course of doing this, it is safety and human lives that may suffer the most.

Understanding a contractor's liability for damaged property

When Florida homeowners remodel and repair parts of their home, they usually expect that their contractor will do exemplary work. People generally do not expect their home to be damaged by their contractor. Sometimes this happens, though, and in this situation, many people might wonder if the contractor is liable for this damage.

Florida's current construction challenge

As the populations in major cities across the nation continue to skyrocket, houses and business alike seem to sprout up overnight. Many Floridians do not think twice about these structures that help provide the backbones to communities, but the construction industry is a crucial one. It often requires long hours, heavy lifting and exposure to the elements.

Things you should know about construction litigation

When you are investing in something as expensive and substantial as a home, office building or other structure in Florida, you need to be sure that everything is done correctly and the edifice will last for years to come. Unfortunately, mistakes made during construction can lead to substantial damage over time. We at Welbaum Guernsey can make sure that the right people are held responsible for the damage and that you receive the compensation you need to correct the errors and restore your building.

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