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Things you should know about construction litigation

When you are investing in something as expensive and substantial as a home, office building or other structure in Florida, you need to be sure that everything is done correctly and the edifice will last for years to come. Unfortunately, mistakes made during construction can lead to substantial damage over time. We at Welbaum Guernsey can make sure that the right people are held responsible for the damage and that you receive the compensation you need to correct the errors and restore your building.

Builder’s risk insurance: What you should know

The number of risks in the Florida construction industry demand various types of insurance policies to mitigate them. According to the American Bar Association, most commercial construction projects warrant builder’s risk insurance. It is also known as course of construction insurance because it provides coverage on the property during the project, including the building being constructed or renovated, materials and temporary structures. As the name implies, coverage extends from inception of the policy through the course of the work and up to its completion.

Contract breaches and damages in the construction industry

The biggest cause of litigation in the construction industry is contract disputes. A common source of such conflict is breach of contract in which one party does not fulfill its responsibilities as outlined in the contract. In some cases, the wronged party may receive damages.

What are some common issues that lead to construction disputes?

There could a number of reasons why your Florida company winds up being involved in a construction dispute. While such disputes do not all wind up being litigated, they can still be costly and time consuming. Therefore, knowing about some of the common reasons that disputes happen may help you prevent them from occurring in the future.

Florida contractor violates OSHA fall safety standards

The high demand for real estate in the Miamia area prompts continuous building, which creates a prime environment for contractors and subcontractors in the state’s construction industry. Even though it may be tempting for some companies to take measures that allow them to place lower bids and win more contracts, cutting corners could lead to much higher costs in the end. Failure to ensure worker safety may result in hefty financial penalties while creating situations with the potential to generate employee litigation.

Working with an architect? Know where to draw the line

It's always an exciting time when you start working with an architect to draw up plans for a new building. However, things can and often do go wrong. When something happens or you are faced with a possible legal issue, it's important to understand what the law allows for and how it applies to your case. While talking with an attorney familiar with construction litigation is always the best course of action, having a basic understanding of when you may have a case can help you prepare for your first meeting.

Litigation against Florida company still pending

When people move into new homes in Florida, they have the right to expect the buildings to be free of flaws. Florida statutes include building codes regulating the construction industry, and depending on the situation, the party at fault may be the developer, a contractor or another professional. There are a variety of circumstances that allow owners to file lawsuits due to construction defects, but when many parties are involved, the litigation could become complicated.

Eliminating uncertainty on the construction site

When working on a construction project in Miami, Florida, you may be working with many professionals that include design teams and architects, contractors, subcontractors and construction workers, as well as owners, stakeholders and others. Sometimes, elements outside your control may cause the work to develop defects that could still be linked back to you. At Welbaum Guernsey, we are aware of the need to reduce the threat of construction litigation during the years after the project is completed.

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