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What is an easement and how does it affect my property?

If you are purchasing property in Miami for commercial purposes, there may be terms that pop up that you are unfamiliar with, especially if this is your first large property deal. For example, a title search may reveal that there is an easement on the land you are buying. Here is what you need to know about easements and what they mean for you as a property owner.

Tips for negotiating a commercial lease

Whether a business has an established history or is just starting, finding a space in which to operate is often an important step. Renting is the option most businesses choose and with good reason. It can save a company money and provides the option of moving on if more or less space is needed. Here are tips to help business owners ensure that they are getting the best lease terms possible.

What are the pros and cons of real estate crowdfunding?

You may have heard about crowdfunding but are unsure what it is. Crowdfunding is a way that people use the internet to solicit money for a project. Common reasons people look to crowdfunding include help with medical bills, funds to manufacture an invention and financial backing for movies and other creative arts projects. However, some entrepreneurs in Florida are now turning to crowdfunding to back real estate investments.

Foreclosure lawsuit filed against Miami property developer

Purchasing commercial real estate in Miami can be a sound business investment. Companies or investors that purchase property rather than an existing structure or business have the opportunity to develop it from the ground up. However, as with any type of financial or real estate transaction, problems can sometimes occur.

A look at how shopping malls are faring

Not that long ago, shopping malls were the bustling retail center for communities across Florida and the entire country. Not only did they provide people with the opportunity to shop for multiple items all in one place, they also were a steady source of jobs and a social center, as well. Thanks in large part to the rise of online shopping and social media, the role that malls have played is now dramatically shifting.

Understanding the different types of commercial leases

While it sometimes it makes sense for Miami business owners to purchase the real estate where their businesses will operate, other times leasing a space is much more sensible. However, commercial leases can be quite complex and it may be helpful to understand the different types and what they offer.

A look at letters of intent and their role in real estate deals

and sale of a property. Each and every transaction is unique and there are often many different terms that must be decided on. Therefore, sometimes before a binding contract is signed by the parties, a tool known as a letter of intent is utilized in order to set forth some of the main ideas such as a purchase price and closing date in writing.

Seller financing is a lesser-known but viable funding option

Some Miami companies looking to purchase property may not have much luck with traditional mortgage lenders such as banks. Therefore, an alternative lending source may be attractive. If they can find a seller who is amenable, they may want to consider a deal where the current owner of the property provides the financing for the purchase.

Subleases can benefit both landlords and tenants

It is fairly common for businesses in Miami to lease the space they need for their operations rather than purchase commercial space, especially when a company is first getting on its feet. However, issues may arise during the course of the lease that lead the tenant, or company, to want to move out before the term of the lease has ended. When that happens, it is not unusual for the original tenant to sublet the space to another tenant, which will essentially take its place until the lease is up.

When your commercial tenant stops paying on the lease

Finding a good renter may turn your commercial real estate investment in Florida into a profitable business venture. However, when the person who signed the lease does not keep up with payments, it has the potential to turn the same situation into a devastating loss. At Welbaum Guernsey, our attorneys often provide advice to property owners who are losing money from a default on a building lease.

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