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What should I know about gender identity discrimination?

Discrimination in the workplace is a very serious matter that should concern both workers and employers in Miami. To this end, it’s important to understand gender identity discrimination to ensure all workers are treated equally. Failure to create an inclusive workplace is not only unethical, it can also result in your business being subject to a significant lawsuit

Should my company adopt a formal policy regarding cell phone use?

Nearly everyone has a cell phone or smartphone these days and it is no secret that they can be distracting, especially while driving. If you own a business in Miami, you are likely aware of many important safety issues when it comes to your employees. However, it may not have occurred to you to adopt any kind of policy regarding cell phones. You may want to consider banning their use entirely and here is why.

A look at the differences between a mediation and an arbitration

For business owners in Florida involved in any kind of litigation, avoiding a lengthy and expensive trial is often desirable. There are two alternatives that are commonly used, known as mediation and arbitration. Since they are different, it may be helpful to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Does my company need a social media policy?

In this day and age, many Florida companies have learned the importance of having a strong online presence. Participating on social media can be a great way to remain in contact with your customers and to generate free marketing content for your business. While a good or humorous post can go viral in an instant, so can a bad one. Even if unintentional, a mistake on social media can have lasting consequences for your company. Therefore, you may find that shaping a social policy is a smart move to protect your company’s online reputation.

What is the Consumer Review Fairness Act?

If you own a company in Florida, chances are that a customer or client has written a review of your company online. The internet has provided people with a platform to comment and review on everything from their bank to their dry cleaner to their accountant. Receiving a negative review that you think is uncalled for can be extremely frustrating and disheartening.

The most important step for your private construction project

There are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong in a construction project. Some of these are out of your control no matter how much preparation you do beforehand, and they take some flexibility to work around. Others, however, you can prevent with smart business moves. The most important one for significantly reducing risk is using a surety bond, particularly a performance bond. Once you understand why, you will not begin your project without it.

Tips for avoiding trademark infringement

When starting a business in Miami, owners must consider a number of different things. Choosing a name for the company or a logo is vital to the success of many endeavors, as it gives the company a brand and serves as something that consumers can associate with the goods or services it provides. However, business owners should practice caution and make sure that the name or logo they choose is not too similar to anything another company is already using or they may find themselves in court.

I received notice for a deposition– what is it?

A deposition is an integral part of the fact-finding process that takes place during a litigation. If you are someone who is a party to the action or who is expected to provide witness testimony at trial, the opposing side may send you a notice to take your deposition. This provides an opportunity for them to find out what you know and reduces the chances of something unforeseen being uncovered during the trial.

Business websites and compliance with the ADA

Many business owners in Florida may already be familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act and how it applies to their companies. The ADA requires businesses to provide equal access to all people, including those with disabilities. For example, an entrance to a store may have a ramp to accommodate those in wheelchairs, and a parking lot may contain special parking spaces for the disabled. However, some business owners may not be aware that the terms of the ADA also apply to their company’s website.

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