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Change your will shortly after moving to Florida

Many people dream of moving to Florida after they retire. There are many incentives, including the fact that there is no state income tax and the climate is extremely hospitable. However, before you book your ticket, make sure you understand you will absolutely need to alter your will in Florida no matter where you move from. 

Can obtaining power of attorney protect your parent from abuse?

Everywhere you look, scams abound. Fortunately, you are knowledgeable about the many different types of scams out there, from false IRS calls to emails from utility companies that look convincingly real. However, what about Floridians who are older and less savvy about technology and modern methods of conning people?

Do not forget to plan for yourself in your estate plans

Many people in Coral Gables do not realize how important estate planning is. They assume it is something they can keep putting off until they feel it is a convenient time for them, not realizing that there is no such thing. You may not enjoy thinking about the end of your life and death, but it is necessary for you to do so to avoid complications that could render your estate plans worthless. 

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