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Florida internet company sued by supplier

The internet has become an integral part of business in modern day commerce. For most companies, it is convenient to sell parts and components to purchasers worldwide. But the convenience of on-line selling can come with a downside. In the past, vendors could cultivate a relationship with business owners by setting up meetings or sending out salespeople. Today, however, individuals who make purchases over the internet may have little personal connection to the seller. Consequently, purchasers may feel less duty to pay to their vendors on time when payment is not required up front. In such a case, an old-fashioned breach of contract claim may be the only solution for vendors who have not been paid.

Class action filed against US Century Bank by Florida shareholders

Directors for a U.S. Century Bank in Florida are bracing themselves for another class-action lawsuit this month after accusations surfaced that they had "squandered" taxpayer TARP funds by allegedly bailing out the business ventures of current and former directors.

Actress Lindsay Lohan could be sued for breach of contract

It seems we've been hearing a lot about Lindsay Lohan in the media lately. Whether it be a hit-and-run charge in New York or a felony grand theft charge in California, it would seem that there has been no shortage of legal woes for the star of "Mean Girls."

United Healthcare and 4-H launch partnership to help fight against obesity

Obesity is a problem that many companies have tried to combat but have never truly won. And with more children learning unhealthy habits from their family, friends and from commercials they see on television, it seems that obesity could continue to rise if something isn't one soon.

Streetlight contract dispute could cause problems down the road

Most people assume that if there's any one place that has it together when it comes to the law it is Washington, D.C. But a recent contract dispute regarding streetlight management has people in Florida worried that a similar problem could occur in their hometowns too.

Dirty laundry: breach of contract

Contracts are an important part of almost every business in Florida. They help sell products, bring in money and set the operating rules for business. Contract disputes, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect on business. Without the right guidance, they can be time consuming as well as expensive, and can stop business. In some cases, a contract dispute can even lead to litigation.

Mall's contract dispute could affect sports teams

Florida sports fans and mall-lovers may be watching the Giants and the Jets as they pursue their litigation against the construction of a megamall adjacent to their home stadium. The sports teams claim that the construction of the complex is a sort of breach of contract, as the teams were not consulted about changes to construction of the project. They believe the megamall will have adverse affects on the MetLife stadium where they play, and on the teams' home games.

DirecTV and Viacom struggle in contract dispute

Have you been missing your favorite television show as of late? Florida DirecTV customers may be noticing several channels disappearing from their television lineup this month. The loss stems from a business dispute between DirecTV and Viacom Inc. over fees and channel broadcasting. The companies have yet to come to an agreement, and Viacom has required that DirecTV drop their channels until a resolution is made.

Judge permits CIFG's breach of contract suit against Goldman Sachs

Florida residents that have been following business news may remember that CIFG Assurance North America sued Goldman Sachs Group in August. It alleged that the investment bank knowingly sold unstable mortgage bonds to get the risk off its shoulders.

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