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Back pay claims filed by Marlins stadium construction workers

Summer is approaching, and with it comes some of America's favorite activities, such as heading to the local ballpark to eat hot dogs and cheer on the home team. When baseball aficionados enter a new ballpark, they generally admire the stadium on their way to finding their seats in the crowd. Most people do not think twice about the laborers who built the stadium from the ground up. However, the workers who built Florida's new Marlins stadium are not happy about the fact that they had to file construction litigation to recover sums they say were not properly paid.

Florida developer is subject of construction litigation

When a new subdivision is built by a developer, home purchasers envision finished houses, green lawns and sparkling new swimming pools. Contractors, subcontractors, and material providers are always glad to have the work that a new development brings. Unfortunately, for some new homeowners and contractors north of Vero Beach, their expectation has turned into disappointment. Half built homes, empty lots, and unfinished projects litter the new development. The developer's money woes and legal troubles make it unclear when, or if, the subdivision will ever be completed. To date, substantial construction litigation has been filed by contractors, subcontractors and home buyers.

What are mechanic's liens and how do you protect yourself from one?

Let's say one day you are contacted by a person who is supplying materials to your contractor for your new home. They're angry because they haven't received any payments for their contributions despite the fact that you know you have paid your contractor for everything so far. It's then that they tell you that they have placed a mechanic's lien against your property and request payment soon or they will be forced to file a lawsuit.

Builders scramble to recoup costs after Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy made landfall in Jamaica at the end of October, many residents in Florida feared for the worst. Meteorologists were predicting that it could be just as deadly and destructive as Hurricane Katrina.

Home build KB Home could face legal trouble for construction defects

Since July of this year, the Florida Attorney General's office claims that they have been receiving reports of structural defects in neighborhoods built by KB Homes, a licensed home builder in Florida. A majority of the homes were located in the Willowbrook neighborhood, but now homeowners in this area feel that complaints should be extended to other KB Homes' properties.

Homeowners, builders seek remedy for defective Chinese drywall

Homeowners and builders are suing a Chinese drywall company that they say manufactured defective and harmful drywall products that were installed in many homes in Florida and across the south. A judge in Florida recently determined that the courts there do have jurisdiction over the Chinese company, which imported the drywall through a subsidiary that operated heavily in the state.

Construction lawsuit settles in mediation

When a property goes from construction into use, it Florida residents know that it is almost inevitable that some sort of defect will be found. Fortunately, the state has a statute for construction defects called Chapter 558, which requires all property owners to give notice to the contractor of a defect and give the builder a chance to repair it. Nevertheless, many of these cases end up in litigation.

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