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Florida banks optimistic on commercial lending

It appears that Florida strategists who advised investors that good times were just around the corner may have been correct. The massive numbers of foreclosures that occurred during the recession are mostly resolved, and the latest news from the Florida banking industry is that commercial real estate lending is heating up. After many years of little to no lending opportunities, banks are cautiously putting out ‘open for business’ signs. 

Miami commercial leasing market improves

Over the past several years of the recession, Florida's economy could be described as dismal. Jobs were scarce, banks did not want to lend money, and businesses were not inclined to take risks on leasing new office space. Few companies were expanding and instead were staying put or even downsizing. For these reasons, some experts advised against investing in Florida commercial real estate.

Latin Americans develop Miami commercial real estate

Miami is a city known for its multicultural influences. It is common to encounter a Latin American vibe in all walks of Miami life, from its new and hip restaurants to its art galleries, music, and fashion. Now, the newest Latino influence is found in the purchase and development of commercial real estate. Wealthy individuals and companies headquartered south of the border have been snapping up properties in the Miami area at unprecedented rates for redevelopment and sale.

Slow growth expected for Florida's commercial real estate market in 2013

Although a majority of states across the nation are experiencing gigantic booms in their commercial real estate markets, Florida landlords have yet to see the fruits of the rebounding economy.

Investment bank sells to competitors to pay off debt

When Lehman Brothers, an investment bank based out of New York, announced the liquidation of many of their assets, the global financial market was sent into a panic. People across the nation were aware that mortgage rates were dropping to record lows, but many had no idea how this was affecting banks in the long run.

State high courts move forward on housing discrimination case

Zoning laws aren't something that the average citizen in Florida thinks about, but it's something builders and construction companies think about all the time. Getting the appropriate zoning for a particular area while staying within the boundaries of the law can be tricky.

Will real estate funds survive?

A real estate fund is a mutual fund, which invests in mainly mortgages and real estate. The purpose of the fund is to produce income and capital gains for its investors. Real estate funds in Florida invest in residential and commercial real estate. These funds have historically been dominant in the real estate sector; however, many are speculating that its sector dominance could be nearing an end.

Veterinarian purchases commercial building in Florida

As the economy gradually recovers, it's always interesting to learn about Florida's new wave of development. In recent news, a veterinarian that is doing business as Atlantic Veterinary Centers has recently purchased a 5,200-square-foot commercial building at South Nova Road for $515,000. According to the veterinarian, he plans to continue operating the property as a multi-tenant center. At this time, one unit is leased to a hair salon.

Investor spending big bucks for Florida commercial real estate

When it comes to real estate, one must be very careful to ensure that the loan conditions are appropriate. Any real estate transaction can be turned around when things are not performed in accordance with the law. But assuming all rules are followed, real estate transactions can be one of the most important financial decisions that a business makes. And when millions of dollars are being spent, like in one case out of Florida, a real estate transaction is that much more important.

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