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Florida judge unhappy with wireless companies' strategies

Business owners often sue competitors for claims related to unfair competition. Restaurants argue that other establishments duplicate décor and menus. Sales companies complain that competing firms steal employees or customer lists. Luxury clothing designers worry that customers might confuse cheap knock-offs with the real thing. Musicians accuse singers of taking their lyrics. The same holds true for wireless device firms Apple, Inc. and Google, Inc. The two behemoths have been locked in Florida litigation since 2010; they accuse each other of improperly copying aspects of the other's wireless gadgets.

Florida hospice fights sexual harassment claims

News stories that describe sexual harassment litigation are often eye catching. The articles are rife with accusations of suggestive comments and inappropriate subject matter in the workforce. At first glance, it is tempting to believe the allegations, but it is critical to remember that there are two sides to every story, and not all employees tell the truth. Oftentimes, employees have motives to exaggerate or even falsify stories about their co-workers or supervisors.

New EU laws could mean litigation for Google in future

For businesses that do business internationally it's important to know not only the domestic laws but those in other countries as well. This is perhaps one of the areas in business law where companies and businesses run into the most problems.

Could 3-D printers cause intellectual property disputes?

When 3-D printers first hit the market, consumers saw a sticker price of about $10,000 or more. But now, as the technology continues to advance and the demand for such products increases, we're not seeing that price fall to a more reasonable price that consumers are willing to pay.

BP to pay $4 billion in oil spill settlement

If there's any one thing that business owners enjoy the least it's having to plead their case in front of a judge when being held accountable for an accident. Such was the case for BP who, for the last three years, has been struggling to right the wrongs from the Deepwater Horizon disaster that killed 11 workers.

Supervalu sells five supermarket chains to investor group for $3.3 bln

Many people in Florida are familiar with the grocery retail and supply chain giant Supervalu. Currently sitting as the No. 3 U.S. grocery store operator, few knew that the company was actually struggling to stay afloat amongst almost $3.2 billion in debt.

Bank of America held responsible for Countrywide's bad loans

Chances are, if you're reading this blog, it's because you're experiencing fallout from a legal matter you may not know how to handle. You're not alone; in fact, thousands of businesses across the nation, including here in Florida, have a question regarding business law from time to time and we're always here to answer those questions and help you get through the worst of a bad situation.

Investment bank settles money laundering case

HSBC, one of the world's largest banking and financial services organizations, settled this month with U.S. investigators for a surprising $1.9 billion in a money laundering case against this global banking institution. The bank was accused of transferring funds through the United States from Mexican drug cartels and for nations such as Iran, a country currently under international sanctions.

T-Mobile retains name after multi-million-dollar merger

Last year, AT&T attempted to purchase T-Mobile for an approximate $39 billion, leaving only three major cell phone carriers available in the market. Though the Federal Communications Commission and Department of Justice ultimately shot down AT&T's bid, it left many to wonder what the future for T-Mobile was going to be.

Improper marketing techniques lead Johnson & Johnson to $181m settlement

When people in Florida think of Johnson & Johnson they think of "a family company," who has brought us such notable products as Tylenol, Listerine, and Band-Aids. What we don't generally think of is a company that improperly markets medicines for unapproved uses.

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