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United Healthcare and 4-H launch partnership to help fight against obesity

Obesity is a problem that many companies have tried to combat but have never truly won. And with more children learning unhealthy habits from their family, friends and from commercials they see on television, it seems that obesity could continue to rise if something isn't one soon.

But as many people have pointed out, early education is the key to the successful elimination of the obesity epidemic here in the United States. In an announcement made this month, Florida 4-H groups and United Healthcare have teamed up in a new partnership to promote healthy living for young people.

During the partnership announcement, United Healthcare gave Florida's 4-H groups a $30,000 grant which is a part of the $300,000 "Eat 4-Health" partnership in 10 states, including Florida. By partnering with 4-H, United Healthcare hopes to spread the word about healthy-living programs to youth faster. The partnership will turn 4-H youths into "health ambassadors" with the hope that they will spread the message of healthy living to their family, friends and people in their communities.

The Eat 4-Health program will build on top of United Healthcare's already successful partnership with the National 4-H Council that began last year in Florida, Mississippi and Texas. So far, the campaign has expanded to seven other states across the nation with plans to expand to all 50 states eventually.

"Participating 4-H state programs receiving a grant will develop action plans that provide innovative, hands-on learning approaches that target specific community needs in their state," one news report explained. United Healthcare employees will also team up with 4-H representatives at many of the Eat 4-Health events, assisting with the planning process and helping to execute projects.

Both organizations hope that this partnership will not only bring awareness to the obesity problem our youth is facing right now, but that it will also empower young adults to take a stand and help educate others in their community who may not have access to health and wellness programs.

Source: The Daily Finance, "Florida 4-H and UnitedHealthcare Launch Partnership Promoting Healthy Living Through Fun, Creative A," The Motley Fool, Nov. 12, 2012

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