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November 2012 Archives

Investment bank sells to competitors to pay off debt

When Lehman Brothers, an investment bank based out of New York, announced the liquidation of many of their assets, the global financial market was sent into a panic. People across the nation were aware that mortgage rates were dropping to record lows, but many had no idea how this was affecting banks in the long run.

What are mechanic's liens and how do you protect yourself from one?

Let's say one day you are contacted by a person who is supplying materials to your contractor for your new home. They're angry because they haven't received any payments for their contributions despite the fact that you know you have paid your contractor for everything so far. It's then that they tell you that they have placed a mechanic's lien against your property and request payment soon or they will be forced to file a lawsuit.

United Healthcare and 4-H launch partnership to help fight against obesity

Obesity is a problem that many companies have tried to combat but have never truly won. And with more children learning unhealthy habits from their family, friends and from commercials they see on television, it seems that obesity could continue to rise if something isn't one soon.

Builders scramble to recoup costs after Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy made landfall in Jamaica at the end of October, many residents in Florida feared for the worst. Meteorologists were predicting that it could be just as deadly and destructive as Hurricane Katrina.

State high courts move forward on housing discrimination case

Zoning laws aren't something that the average citizen in Florida thinks about, but it's something builders and construction companies think about all the time. Getting the appropriate zoning for a particular area while staying within the boundaries of the law can be tricky.

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