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May 2012 Archives

Construction lawsuit settles in mediation

When a property goes from construction into use, it Florida residents know that it is almost inevitable that some sort of defect will be found. Fortunately, the state has a statute for construction defects called Chapter 558, which requires all property owners to give notice to the contractor of a defect and give the builder a chance to repair it. Nevertheless, many of these cases end up in litigation.

Investor spending big bucks for Florida commercial real estate

When it comes to real estate, one must be very careful to ensure that the loan conditions are appropriate. Any real estate transaction can be turned around when things are not performed in accordance with the law. But assuming all rules are followed, real estate transactions can be one of the most important financial decisions that a business makes. And when millions of dollars are being spent, like in one case out of Florida, a real estate transaction is that much more important.

Electronic Arts and Activision settle video game dispute

When businesses face disputes, the best option might be to settle the case. While litigation can reward a company with desired results, going to trial may also be risky for the company. In many situations, companies confront the following issue: How much money and time are we willing to invest or risk in this business dispute? Fortunately, many Florida companies find that with strong legal representation, an amicable and appropriate settlement can be reached with opposing parities.

Judge permits CIFG's breach of contract suit against Goldman Sachs

Florida residents that have been following business news may remember that CIFG Assurance North America sued Goldman Sachs Group in August. It alleged that the investment bank knowingly sold unstable mortgage bonds to get the risk off its shoulders.

Civil procedure is important in business disputes

As many Florida companies know, when companies engage in business litigation, they will use legal strategy to attack every part of an opponent's case. For example, a business might fight the administrative details surrounding the actual filing of the suit. These particulars often include jurisdictional or venue-related matters.

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