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How can I handle racism in the workplace?

Even if you take great strides to remove racism from your Miami workplace, chances are it may still persist. Accordingly, it’s up to you to ensure everyone is treated fairly, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, or country of origin. Inc. offers the following tips for quelling racist behaviors and actions in your place of work.

Don’t Wait

It may be tempting to let the issue slide since confronting it can be awkward. However, this will only exacerbate matters and may even convince the person making racist statements that their actions are OK. Instead, state plainly and clearly that the statement is unacceptable and that it won’t be tolerated. The exchange doesn’t need to be adversarial; simply state your case plainly and clearly for the best results.

Don’t Make Excuses

Additionally, don’t try to excuse what the person said. While it’s good to assume a person has the best intentions, remember that racism in the workplace is a very serious issue. Not only can it create a hostile and uncomfortable environment, it can also lead to legal issues. Additionally, a person can hold racist opinions and still be good in other ways. The best course of action is to call the person out and have a frank discussion about why what they said was problematic.

Make It an Educational Experience

Racism is sometimes a matter of misunderstanding. Perhaps a person isn’t privy to the history behind a certain group, or they may conflate two different groups’ experiences when they’re not comparable. In this case, take the opportunity to educate them on why they’re misguided. Of course this can be difficult, but it’s worth the effort. Most people will be willing to listen and may even change their view on the topic.

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