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May 2018 Archives

When you need to make a surety bond claim

As a subcontractor, you have been relying on the contractor of your latest project to pay you for your work. If you do not receive the payment that the contract says you are due, though, you are not necessarily out of luck; you may still be able to hold the contractor accountable for the breached contract.

When a dispute arises over an engineering project

Disputes over an engineering project surface for all sorts of reasons. In some instances, disagreements are centered around design or a project's budget, while others may involve financing or delays.  In Miami, and cities across all of Florida, these disputes can be devastating for a company and must be handled cautiously. There may be certain legal options on the table and taking the right approach in court can make all the difference. Unfortunately, some of these disputes are even based on false allegations or misunderstandings but still result in serious consequences.

Contract impasse leads to aerospace worker strike

Contracts between labor unions and employers can be quite complex due their scope. Given that they often impact a large number of people, most hope that when issues or disputes do arise that they can be resolved quickly. Few every look forward to the possibility of what may happen when they do not: a work stoppage. A strike can hinder both sides of a dispute, with those on strike having to deal with a loss of income while the companies they work for see their operations impacted. However, there may be times when disagreements over contractual terms are significant enough that such action is warranted. 

What are the requirements for a property manager?

If you own commercial real estate in Florida, you may have big ideas on how to make it work for your financial bottom line. However, working on the big picture may leave little time for managing the property. This is where property managers come in. They can tend to the day-to-day details of taking care of your investment, leaving you to put your energies elsewhere.

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