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April 2018 Archives

Common construction disputes and how to avoid them

Most Florida business owners have faced a dispute once or twice in their careers. While it is common for miscommunication, misunderstandings and other obstacles to land in the laps of clients and businesses, those that occur in the construction industry have their own set of challenges. The below information discusses some of the most typical construction disputes, and how professionals in the industry go about addressing these issues.

Handling untrue sexual harassment allegations

Daily life can be demanding for business owners for many reasons. For example, issues with recruiting new staff and dealing with the impact of economic uncertainty can be stressful. However, there are other employment-related difficulties that may arise, such as sexual harassment charges. In recent months there has been a great deal of attention devoted to sexual harassment, which remains a serious problem in work spaces across the state of Florida. However, not all of the sexual harassment allegations that arise are true and it can be very difficult for businesses to deal with these accusations, even if they are false.

Understanding the strength of oral contracts

Those who do their business in Miami via contractual agreements typically follow one rule: Get it in writing! That is no doubt due to the fear that without a written contract, one party to an agreement can simply walk away from it at any time, leaving the other facing significant losses. While some might think that those who still put stock in the proverbial "handshake agreement" are displaying their naivete, the law actually does assign value to such accords. 

Trade secrets vs. patents

When a business has a new invention or recipe to protect, the business owner's first thoughts will probably turn to acquiring a patent. There are many intricate steps to this process, and to have your patent granted, you want to follow all of them precisely. You need to ensure your idea is actually patentable and determine which type of patent is ultimately best. 

How do you change zoning ordinances?

Getting an attractive property zoned for your ideal use in Florida might be a relatively simple matter. It may also require you to expend significant effort. How far you decide to pursue the process might depend on various factors, primarily the value the location represents and the resources you have available.

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