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March 2018 Archives

Companies accused of negligence in death of man

Companies involved in the design and building of large public transportation initiatives such as freeways, tunnels and bridges should ensure that safety is a top priority. Unfortunately it might seem to some people that these entities put other business interests such as deadlines and cost savings ahead of safety or human lives. In the course of doing this, it is safety and human lives that may suffer the most.

Does my small business need to be ADA compliant?

If you are a small business owner in Florida, it is imperative that you know whether your business needs to be ADA compliant. The ADA, also known as the Americans with Disabilities Act, ensures accessibility for both employees and patrons of a business who have disabilities. Not all businesses are bound by the requirements depending on whether they meet the criteria, but if they do and code violations are found, it can cost you both time and money as well as potential legal trouble.

Change your will shortly after moving to Florida

Many people dream of moving to Florida after they retire. There are many incentives, including the fact that there is no state income tax and the climate is extremely hospitable. However, before you book your ticket, make sure you understand you will absolutely need to alter your will in Florida no matter where you move from. 

Understanding a contractor's liability for damaged property

When Florida homeowners remodel and repair parts of their home, they usually expect that their contractor will do exemplary work. People generally do not expect their home to be damaged by their contractor. Sometimes this happens, though, and in this situation, many people might wonder if the contractor is liable for this damage.

Should I be concerned about intellectual property protection?

If you are a resident of Florida and concerned about whether you need to protect intellectual property, there is a good chance you do. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, intellectual property refers to any creation or invention that you have thought up and then transferred to a tangible form, which could be used by another to recreate or build upon. There are some situations where protecting intellectual property is imperative and certain people who should most certainly prioritize it.

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