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January 2018 Archives

Florida's current construction challenge

As the populations in major cities across the nation continue to skyrocket, houses and business alike seem to sprout up overnight. Many Floridians do not think twice about these structures that help provide the backbones to communities, but the construction industry is a crucial one. It often requires long hours, heavy lifting and exposure to the elements.

Looking into age discrimination issues

Various age discrimination issues are regularly assessed, from the hardships an employee faces when they are unable to find a job to the potential consequences an employer may have to confront when these allegations surface. While these are certainly important matters to look over, it is also important to keep in mind that there are many more issues related to age discrimination that people in Miami and across the state of Florida have to work through. For example, if you are discriminated against on the basis of your age, you may face long-term career challenges and have difficulty moving on from your experiences.

How do I defend a wrongful termination lawsuit?

Firing an employee is never an easy decision, and the act is stressful for all involved. Of course, it is hardest on the one being let go, but it takes a toll on others too. Along with the supervisor or human resources representative who breaks the news to the worker, other employees feel the stress as well. What your Florida business does not need is the added stress of fighting a wrongful termination suit; to avoid that, there are several preventive measures and follow-up steps you take.

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