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November 2017 Archives

My vendor overseas has breached our contract. Do I have recourse?

If you as a Florida company did business with a foreign company, such as a seller of a product that you retail here in the United States, and that company breached the contract, you will want to receive compensation or some other remedy for that breach. Perhaps the foreign seller sent you defective goods that you now cannot sell in your business.

Understanding and identifying intellectual property infringement

The many companies operating in Miami hold many assets outside of their revenue and property holdings. The intangible assets that give them their unique identities and help establish them in their respective markets are just as valuable. These things comprise a company's intellectual property. According to the Cornell University Law School, any intellectual product that is protected by law from the unauthorized use of others meets the definition of being intellectual property. Common examples include patents, trademarks, copyrighted content and trade secrets. 

What does "termination for convenience" mean?

As a contractor in Miami, you rely heavily on the promise that your clients will fulfill their financial obligations to you upon the completion of your services. Your contractual agreements with them provide you with the protection and security of knowing that as long as you fulfill your duties, they are legally bound to complete theirs. Yet what if one simply shows up amid the project and tells you that it is cancelling your contract? Can a client legally do that? 

Why might you want to have employees sign a noncompete?

Competition is a normal part of the trade for your business and other Florida companies. When you are thinking about including a noncompete clause in your potential employees’ contracts, it is not to limit their ability to work in the future. The purpose of a noncompete is mainly to protect your company’s secrets and business operations, as well as to keep an oversaturation of competition from weakening your brand.

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