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October 2017 Archives

The consequences of employment litigation

Employment litigation takes place for all sorts of reasons, whether an employee claims that they were wrongfully fired, that their contract was violated, that they were sexually harassed or that they were subjected to discrimination. Unfortunately, these cases can be challenging for everyone involved. Moreover, employers may face repercussions even if the allegations were not true. As a result, if you own a business it is essential to understand the different consequences that you could face because of employment litigation and make sure you handle these cases with care.

Detailing deceptive and unfair trade practices

As a business owner or executive in Miami, you understand that the dealings between your company and your competition can become cutthroat. After all, your success often comes at their expense (and vice versa). However, this does not give either you or them the right to do anything in order to get ahead. Many of the client companies that we here at Welbaum, Guernsey, Hingston, Gregory & Black, LLP work with come to us believing that they their competitors have unfairly gained a market advantage over them. If you believe your company is facing the same predicament, then the question becomes when is a company simply outperforming competitors, and when is it dealing in unfair and deceptive practices? 

Small businesses and commercial mortgages

Small business owners in Florida who are looking to purchase property for their company's use will typically need to take out a commercial mortgage. Because small businesses often have less capital and fewer assets than larger corporations, there are alternative options available for eligible companies.

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