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Tips for preventing sexual harassment

The workplace should be a place for employees to fulfill their duties without threats or fear. However, many forms of mistreatment, including sexual harassment, take place in countless companies across the country. Therefore, it is essential for business owners in Florida to take preemptive steps to prevent this issue from infiltrating their company. According to Workplace Answers, harassment can take a variety of forms, and it is not limited to physical assault. It includes many forms of inappropriate sexual speech, whether in the form of jokes, comments or propositions. It could also include an explicit or implicit offer of advancement, job security or job loss as the result of sexual favors or refusal.

One way to help prevent harassment is to be present and informed. Knowing that the boss may step in at any moment could provide accountability for the employees. It may also give managers the opportunity to see firsthand if any interactions appear to be less than professional. Another way to mitigate the likelihood of workplace harassment is to educate the employees. Directly communicating the company's policies regarding interpersonal contact may thwart inappropriate behavior. Additionally, harassment may be less likely to occur if employees know the company takes such behavior very seriously and enacts the necessary discipline decisively.

According to Forbes, some companies may find it problematic for employees to date each other. Such relationships have the potential to create conflict and even accusations of misconduct within the workplace. The decision regarding interpersonal relationships is individual to each company. However, bosses should not date their subordinates, since such a relationship could be construed as personal favors in exchange for professional advancement.

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