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The basics of zoning

Understanding the zoning laws and regulations in Florida is necessary if you are preparing to construct or purchase a commercial real estate property. We at Welbaum Guernsey have experience with this type of construction and can advise you on the details that this type of project entails, including the specific zoning requirements. 

Findlaw states that city officials across Florida want to keep the various districts separate, such as commercial, residential and industrial. By dividing the land into zones for each type, more control can be held over what can be done with the space, ensuring that families are not housed next to busy intersections or industrial lots. In order to build or purchase a property for commercial real estate, you must ensure that the land is zoned for this purpose.

There are many restrictions that can be placed on the area, such as the height of the buildings that are allowed, the locations in which utility lines should be placed and the number of accessory buildings that can be constructed. You may even have to limit the number of rooms in your building and be careful about the type of structure you build. Often, there will be a guidelines on the lot beyond the building as well. This can include the number of parking spaces and a minimum size for a front, side or rear yard.

If you want to create a new structure or buy an existing one, you will need to follow the zoning regulations for the property you plan to purchase. For more information on this topic, please visit our web page.

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