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August 2017 Archives

The basics of zoning

Understanding the zoning laws and regulations in Florida is necessary if you are preparing to construct or purchase a commercial real estate property. We at Welbaum Guernsey have experience with this type of construction and can advise you on the details that this type of project entails, including the specific zoning requirements. 

3 important documents to include in your estate plans

When you hear the words “estate plans,” the first thing that may come to your mind is wills. You may already be aware that wills are useful tools to instruct your loved ones on how to distribute your possessions after you die. However, they do not contain much information about your end-of-life care. Many people overlook the fact that estate plans can help to improve their quality of life as they get older. With old age comes declining health and the likelihood of you needing assistance with your daily activities, financial affairs and more. 

Sexual harassment and employees' rights

Sexual harassment in the workplace has been a long-standing issue in the United States, but the issue of sexual harassment itself is complex and can include more incidents than many might assume. In Florida, the legal system considers sexual harassment a form of discrimination. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission also protects employees from any sort of verbal or physical harassment in the workplace. 

When a guardian must be removed

As people age and retire from the workforce, they often move to sunny Florida with a plan to enjoy their remaining years. At times, some people may need a guardian to oversee their well-being. This is often the case if they become less able to mentally or physically negotiate finances and other concerns.

Things you should know about construction litigation

When you are investing in something as expensive and substantial as a home, office building or other structure in Florida, you need to be sure that everything is done correctly and the edifice will last for years to come. Unfortunately, mistakes made during construction can lead to substantial damage over time. We at Welbaum Guernsey can make sure that the right people are held responsible for the damage and that you receive the compensation you need to correct the errors and restore your building.

FMLA grants some employees right to unpaid leave

In a complaint recently filed in the Florida 6th Judicial Circuit for Pinellas County, a man claims he was wrongfully terminated by his employer, as reported by the Florida Record. The man alleges that his dismissal constituted interference with leave afforded him under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) as well as retaliation. The man alleges that he was terminated only after management learned that he had HIV.

4 appropriate times to update a will

Wills are important documents all adults need to have to prevent legal complexities upon their passing. Unfortunately, a Gallup poll indicates that only 44 percent of adults in the United States actually have a will set up. This is down from 51 percent of adults having a will in 2005.

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