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Deceptive trade practices covered by the FTCA

In the Florida business world, some people will do just about anything to get a sale or increase their customer base. Luckily, the government has instituted policies to keep competition fair and prevent unjust actions. One of these laws is the Federal Trade Commission Act.


According to the Federal Trade Commission, the Act was created to prevent deceptive or unfair practices or acts by business leaders. It also sets forth guidelines on the gathering and compilation of information and the methods for investigation of the management and practices of business and other entities that are engaged in commerce.


Another purpose of the Act is to describe the practices that are considered misleading or unfair and instruct entities on how to seek relief, such as monetary compensation, if customers are injured or deceived in any way.


PointOfSale.com details some examples of these practices that are considered a violation of the Act. This can include businesses that create confusing contracts or statements. These are generally considered unfair if they hide fees or mislead merchants and customers about what they are receiving.


Free programs are another area of concern that requires caution. When a merchant offers free programs or benefits that actually have deceptive fees, the Act may have been violated. Unjust inflation hidden in the contract can also lead to excessive and unnecessary fees. When businesses misrepresent liquidated damages, this can also be considered a violation of the Act. These are just a few examples of the many ways that entities can use deceptive trade practices to treat customers and other merchants unfairly.

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