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Common construction defects with condos

In states such as Florida, many common condo construction defects have to do with water. For example, an incorrectly installed roof may leak, and that can cause rot inside units. Problems with drywall and pools also can lead to water issues.

When litigation is being considered or is underway, it helps to understand what the defects are, their extent and the builders/contractors associated with them. This is true whether you are a construction professional or a condo unit owner. In some cases, builder’s risk insurance can help.

Roof issues

Problems with roofs arise for many reasons. The roof may have been incorrectly installed, for example, or perhaps preventative maintenance since installation has been spotty or nonexistent. Roof issues can lead to water leaks, which in turn can affect the structural integrity of a building. During a hurricane, an improperly installed roof may invite significant water and wind damage.

Defective building material, shoddy work and improper design can all contribute to roof problems.

Drywall problems

Drywall is the board that helps form the interiors and ceilings of condo units. It helps with water resistance and fire resistance, but like roofs, they can be constructed shoddily. If water gets into drywall, it can affect electrical connections, air conditioning coils and the like. Badly constructed drywall can also emit smells and gases that damage pipes, appliances and the like.

Pool issues

Many condo residents choose certain complexes over others because they have a pool (or pools). Unfortunately, there can be issues with pool construction. For example, the surface surrounding the pool may be too slippery or leaks could occur. Wall panels can move, and concrete pools might crack.

Construction defects (or alleged construction defects) are often thorny, complex problems. Pursuing a claim through the legal system or defending against one (or trying to settle) requires a lot of knowledge. An attorney can help you navigate the process.

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