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What should I know about gender identity discrimination?

Discrimination in the workplace is a very serious matter that should concern both workers and employers in Miami. To this end, it’s important to understand gender identity discrimination to ensure all workers are treated equally. Failure to create an inclusive workplace is not only unethical, it can also result in your business being subject to a significant lawsuit

WorkplaceFairness.org provides the information business owners like you need to create a cohesive work environment. The first step is to understand the common terms applied to gender identity, which some people might not be aware of. Gender expression encompasses a range of traits, such as hairstyle or haircut, clothing and even tone of voice.

Gender expression can differ from one’s gender at birth, which can result in the person assuming the gender identity they are most comfortable with. To this end, transgender refers to a person who presents as an alternate gender, while transitioning refers to the process that occurs. Employers must be accommodating to transitioning individuals, whether that entails providing the proper restroom facilities or allowing for manners of dress that go against usual company policy.

Employers should also be aware of common examples of gender identity discrimination. An employer can face legal reprisal if a transgender individual is fired for dressing to suit their gender outside of work. Denying use of an appropriate restroom facility for one’s gender is also against the law, as is terminating an employee for planning a sexual reassignment surgery. While there is no federal law currently in place prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity, these matters are often covered by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


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