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Google accused of paying women less than their male peers

Business owners in Florida must contend with many different issues. Those who wish to avoid lawsuits or government sanctions must remain in compliance with all applicable laws. Those who do not may find themselves facing expensive litigation and negative publicity.

That is now the case for Google. The Department of Labor has alleged that the tech giant has been allowing female employees to receive lower pay than their male counterparts. The DOL claims this is true across the board and not just in one particular department or level. Pay disparity between the genders a problem that is apparently widespread in the tech industry.

The issue began when Google, who is a contractor for the federal government, was chosen for a random audit to ensure it was in compliance with federal equal opportunity laws. Google failed to produce all of the requested documentation concerning pay, arguing that it would be cost-prohibitive. An administrative law judge recently agreed. Google has denied the claims, saying that it works independently to ensure gender pay equity. The company also points out that the DOL has not produced any material to back up its claim.

However, the DOL has pledged to continue its pursuit of the case and if the charges can be proven, Google could stand to lose its federal contracts as a result. Companies who have been accused of discriminating against an employee may wish to contact an experienced attorney.

Source: The Atlantic, “The Department of Labor Accuses Google of Gender Pay Discrimination,” Bourree Lam, April 7, 2017

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