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4 reasons you need an attorney to help you with your will

As the provider of your household, it is your role to protect your family. This responsibility does not end with your passing. You can still protect your loved ones from the other side by creating a will now. It is never too early to do so, and you can always modify it as your circumstances change. Before you get started, understand the importance of utilizing the services of an estate planning attorney instead of using a do-it-yourself form. A lawyer can help you in these four ways.

1. Ensure the legality of your will

Making a will is not as simple as writing up a document and signing it. For it to stand up in court, it must adhere to Florida laws concerning its drafting. For example, you must sign a will in front of two witnesses in the same room at the same time, who must also sign under the same circumstances. Including the guidance and presence of an attorney can ensure you do things properly so the court will deem your will valid.

2. Make sure your will is thorough

Not only can an attorney make sure your will is valid but also that it contains everything relevant to your financial and familial situation. A lawyer can help you review your assets, debts, family relationships and special circumstances so you do not leave anything out, such as guardianship and disinheritance. You may also determine that it is necessary to establish a living trust and power of attorney or health directive.

3. Administer the will

When you include an estate planning attorney in the creation of your will, it makes administering the will easier because the lawyer will be familiar with it. Your attorney then can better perform the associated legal duties, such as the following:

  • Interpreting correctly the provisions of the will
  • Administering the will
  • Paying bills and settling debts
  • Filing all required paperwork

This makes the process go more smoothly and quickly, saving you money so that more goes toward the family instead of toward fees.

4. Handle any disputes

If there are any disputes over your will, your attorney will be prepared to handle them through litigation or mediation. Common reasons for disputes include contesting the will, removing someone from a role due to breach of duty and finding a suitable replacement. Having an attorney assist you and your family from beginning to end can reduce drama and contention so that your passing will draw your loved ones together instead of apart.

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