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March 2017 Archives

A closer look at sexual harassment in the workplace

Creating a workplace that is conducive to productivity and organizational growth requires employers to provide workers with a safe environment free from discrimination and harassment. Employees who are dealing with unwanted sexual advances, contact or jokes are victims of sexual harassment. Maintaining a respectful environment is something that all Florida businesses should strive for.

Builder’s risk insurance: What you should know

The number of risks in the Florida construction industry demand various types of insurance policies to mitigate them. According to the American Bar Association, most commercial construction projects warrant builder’s risk insurance. It is also known as course of construction insurance because it provides coverage on the property during the project, including the building being constructed or renovated, materials and temporary structures. As the name implies, coverage extends from inception of the policy through the course of the work and up to its completion.

4 reasons you need an attorney to help you with your will

As the provider of your household, it is your role to protect your family. This responsibility does not end with your passing. You can still protect your loved ones from the other side by creating a will now. It is never too early to do so, and you can always modify it as your circumstances change. Before you get started, understand the importance of utilizing the services of an estate planning attorney instead of using a do-it-yourself form. A lawyer can help you in these four ways.

Gender discrimination a problem for many tech companies

While all employers in Florida should be aware of the dangers of discriminating against employees because of their gender, it appears that certain industries continue to have a problem with workplace culture. Specifically, companies in the tech sector seem to have a problem with how women are treated.

What is the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Floridians like you deserve to be able to live your best life. This includes being able to work where you want to work, and do things that you enjoy doing for a living. Though this wasn't always possible, things like the Americans with Disabilities Act have made it more common.

Do you need to name a medical power of attorney?

As people work their way through the estate planning process, they have a number of decisions to make about the way the end-of-life care and the disposition of the estate will happen. Navigating those choices can be difficult, especially because there seems to be a large number of choices that are very similar for many different forms of estate planning. It can also be difficult to know which choice is most appropriate, even when the differences between them are obvious.

What are the pros and cons of real estate crowdfunding?

You may have heard about crowdfunding but are unsure what it is. Crowdfunding is a way that people use the internet to solicit money for a project. Common reasons people look to crowdfunding include help with medical bills, funds to manufacture an invention and financial backing for movies and other creative arts projects. However, some entrepreneurs in Florida are now turning to crowdfunding to back real estate investments.

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