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February 2017 Archives

What businesses should know about employee retaliation lawsuits

Most employers in Florida are probably aware that they cannot act in a discriminatory manner toward their employees. Those who do may find themselves facing legal action. Some forms of discrimination are fairly obvious and get a lot of attention in the media. Denying a person a position or firing a person because of his or her race, gender or sexual orientation will likely land a company in hot water.

Foreclosure lawsuit filed against Miami property developer

Purchasing commercial real estate in Miami can be a sound business investment. Companies or investors that purchase property rather than an existing structure or business have the opportunity to develop it from the ground up. However, as with any type of financial or real estate transaction, problems can sometimes occur.

Do you have to include your children in your will in Florida?

As you prepare your will, you may wonder if you have to include all or any of your children in it. Perhaps your relationship with them is strained and contentious. Maybe some of your children are irresponsible with money or have addictions. You may not have even seen your children in decades. The problem may even lie with untrustworthy children-in-law who you believe would try to claim their spouse's inheritance by comingling it with marital assets. Whatever the reason, you do not need to feel any duty to include your children or guilt for not wanting to. Florida law does not mandate that you have to leave anything to them.

Should my company adopt a formal policy regarding cell phone use?

Nearly everyone has a cell phone or smartphone these days and it is no secret that they can be distracting, especially while driving. If you own a business in Miami, you are likely aware of many important safety issues when it comes to your employees. However, it may not have occurred to you to adopt any kind of policy regarding cell phones. You may want to consider banning their use entirely and here is why.

Contract breaches and damages in the construction industry

The biggest cause of litigation in the construction industry is contract disputes. A common source of such conflict is breach of contract in which one party does not fulfill its responsibilities as outlined in the contract. In some cases, the wronged party may receive damages.

Employers who violate overtime laws may face legal trouble

Many business owners in Florida may be aware that certain laws afford protections to workers to ensure safe working conditions and that they receive fair compensation for their employment. However, some employers may not know that in some circumstances, employees are entitled to receive overtime pay. It is important for companies to be aware of the law so that they do not find themselves in violation.

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