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Florida’s minimum wage rises but some say not enough

Most employers in Miami are keenly aware of the costs of running a successful business. One of the biggest expenses for many companies is the cost of paying its employees. Since both federal and state laws set forth the rules that employers must follow, it may be helpful for owners and managers to understand those regulations so that they are not found to be in violation.

Along with 19 other states, Florida’s minimum wage increased at the start of 2017. The new minimum wage is based on the rate of inflation and is $8.10 per hour, up only 5 cents from the previous year. This is still higher than the current federal minimum wage, which is $7.25. While many other states also experienced a minimum wage increase at the beginning of the year, many of them were more significant than Florida’s 5-cent per hour rise.

While this increase may not amount to much for workers, the fact that it is so nominal is good news for employers who will only need to shell out an extra $104 dollars per year for each full-time worker who earns the minimum wage. Maintaining a low minimum wage enables businesses to increase the number of people they can employ while remaining competitive with their rivals. However, some worry that Florida is lagging behind other states and that even with this raise, many workers will still not be able to earn a decent living.

Employers who violate wage and hour laws may find themselves facing legal action. Companies who are experiencing problems with wage issues may wish to contact an experienced attorney.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “As more states set aggressive hikes in minimum wages, Florida pay starts to lag,” Robert Trigaux, Jan. 10, 2017

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