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January 2017 Archives

A look at how shopping malls are faring

Not that long ago, shopping malls were the bustling retail center for communities across Florida and the entire country. Not only did they provide people with the opportunity to shop for multiple items all in one place, they also were a steady source of jobs and a social center, as well. Thanks in large part to the rise of online shopping and social media, the role that malls have played is now dramatically shifting.

Understanding the differences between power of attorney and an advanced healthcare directive

Prior to going in for a medical procedure, people are often asked whether they have a power of attorney or an advanced healthcare directive. What is the difference between a healthcare directive and power of attorney? While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably to refer to the act of deferring power to someone else, there are actually significant differences between the two concepts.

Florida’s minimum wage rises but some say not enough

Most employers in Miami are keenly aware of the costs of running a successful business. One of the biggest expenses for many companies is the cost of paying its employees. Since both federal and state laws set forth the rules that employers must follow, it may be helpful for owners and managers to understand those regulations so that they are not found to be in violation.

Understanding the different types of commercial leases

While it sometimes it makes sense for Miami business owners to purchase the real estate where their businesses will operate, other times leasing a space is much more sensible. However, commercial leases can be quite complex and it may be helpful to understand the different types and what they offer.

Establishing guardianship for your disabled adult child

Estate planning does not only cover wills and trusts but also guardianships for your disabled adult child. As you prepare for the future, it is important to include this step. You may have plans to ask a family member or friend to watch out for your child, but there is no guarantee the person will be willing or able to follow through when the time comes. It is best to establish guardianship legally to ensure the care and interests of your daughter or son.

A look at the differences between a mediation and an arbitration

For business owners in Florida involved in any kind of litigation, avoiding a lengthy and expensive trial is often desirable. There are two alternatives that are commonly used, known as mediation and arbitration. Since they are different, it may be helpful to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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