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Does my company need a social media policy?

In this day and age, many Florida companies have learned the importance of having a strong online presence. Participating on social media can be a great way to remain in contact with your customers and to generate free marketing content for your business. While a good or humorous post can go viral in an instant, so can a bad one. Even if unintentional, a mistake on social media can have lasting consequences for your company. Therefore, you may find that shaping a social policy is a smart move to protect your company’s online reputation.

A social media policy governs what employees may publish online when posting on behalf of the company. If an employee posts something in poor taste, it does not necessarily reflect badly on them personally but rather on the company as a whole. Therefore, the Huffington Post points out that a good social media policy will set forth all the forums that it covers. Common sites used by many businesses include Facebook and Twitter. The policy should also make clear which employees have the authority to post on company pages and accounts.

While true for any online activity, business accounts in particular may wish to avoid posting any material that is copyrighted or plagiarized. They should also refrain from disclosing any information about a client without the clients’ permission.

Many companies have an employee handbook that sets forth a company’s policies and outlines how employees are expected to conduct themselves. If your company does not already have one, you should consider creating one and incorporating these social media guidelines into the content. This should not be considered legal advice and is provided only as general information on this topic.

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