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November 2016 Archives

What are some common issues that lead to construction disputes?

There could a number of reasons why your Florida company winds up being involved in a construction dispute. While such disputes do not all wind up being litigated, they can still be costly and time consuming. Therefore, knowing about some of the common reasons that disputes happen may help you prevent them from occurring in the future.

Sexual harassment not just a problem for females in the workplace

Given the recent presidential election and a number of high profile stories involving female television personalities, sexual harassment is a popular topic of discussion. While the harassment of female employees gets a lot of press and continues to be a widespread problem, employers in Miami should be aware that this is not solely a female problem and that men can also be victims of sexual harassment.

I received notice for a deposition– what is it?

A deposition is an integral part of the fact-finding process that takes place during a litigation. If you are someone who is a party to the action or who is expected to provide witness testimony at trial, the opposing side may send you a notice to take your deposition. This provides an opportunity for them to find out what you know and reduces the chances of something unforeseen being uncovered during the trial.

Business websites and compliance with the ADA

Many business owners in Florida may already be familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act and how it applies to their companies. The ADA requires businesses to provide equal access to all people, including those with disabilities. For example, an entrance to a store may have a ramp to accommodate those in wheelchairs, and a parking lot may contain special parking spaces for the disabled. However, some business owners may not be aware that the terms of the ADA also apply to their company’s website.

Common causes of contract disputes in the construction industry

With so many factors involved in construction, it's inherent that there will be disputes between contractors and employers, or other involved parties. The most frequent contestations arise from issues with the contract. It's important to know the common causes of contract disputes so you can avoid them and recognize when litigation is necessary.

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