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October 2016 Archives

What is litigation funding and how can it help my lawsuit?

If your company is involved in litigation in Florida, you may be worried about the costs involved with the lawsuit. Expenses relating to attorney fees, court reporters and document production can add up very quickly. That is why some companies have gotten into the business of litigation financing.

4 things to include in your will

A will doesn't need to be overly long and complex to be effective. However, it must contain certain information to ensure your family and Florida courts honor your wishes. Include the following four things in your will for the best outcome for all who are involved. Keep in mind that it's best to draft a will with the assistance of an attorney who has experience in estate planning. Doing so will make your will clear and thorough, reducing the likelihood of any confusion and disputes among your family.

Seller financing is a lesser-known but viable funding option

Some Miami companies looking to purchase property may not have much luck with traditional mortgage lenders such as banks. Therefore, an alternative lending source may be attractive. If they can find a seller who is amenable, they may want to consider a deal where the current owner of the property provides the financing for the purchase.

What employers need to know about noncompete agreements

A noncompete agreement prevents an employee from working for a rival business after he or she leaves a Florida employer. Such agreements usually restrict the employee’s ability to take a position with a competitor for a certain amount of time and in a certain geographical area. They can either be standalone agreements or can be included as part of an employment contract if there are also other terms being agreed to between the employer and employee.

Wills: What to consider when preparing

Preparing to make final arrangements by drafting a will is important because if no will is found to exist, the probate courts will divide your estate in accordance with Florida law, which could take a considerable amount of time. Prince's estate in Minnesota is just one example of why having a will is very important, especially if there are a number of assets to distribute.

Specific performance of a contract: what does it mean?

If you enter into a business contract with another entity and some kind of dispute arises involving a breach of that agreement, the dispute may end up being litigated in court. Sometimes in cases like these, a judge may order one party to pay the other damages to compensate for the breach of contract. However, not all cases involve matters that have monetary values that can be easily assessed. If yours is one such case, the judge may order specific performance of the contract. That means that the party who breached the contract must actually take whatever action the agreement required them to do.

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