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How are undocumented workers often treated unfairly?

It is common throughout Florida for there to be a wide diversity of employees across all industries. Many of Hispanic descent have located to Miami and the surrounding areas, in part because of the abundance of work opportunities in the construction and hospitality sectors. If you employ migrant workers, you no doubt realize that they have as much of a right to work in a safe and fair workplace as anyone else. Unfortunately, there are some employers who take advantage of their undocumented workers’ status.

There are many possible ways an employer could engage in unlawful work tactics, as well as the ways an employer could keep undocumented workers submissive. The Guardian brought attention to the problem of widespread employer abuse against undocumented workers across the country. As you may realize, many undocumented workers are more than willing to do work considered too unpleasant or difficult by American nationals. Additionally, they often work under the table and don’t understand that they have employment rights. As a result, a large number of undocumented immigrants are being forced into working too many hours for little pay.

In some cases, employers have failed to give them the wages they are due. The most common industries in which this happens include agriculture, day labor, construction and food service. When employees stand up for their rights in being paid, getting better wages, having access to proper safety training and equipment, or joining a union, some employers have threatened them with deportation or called immigration authorities. However, you should understand that regardless of a migrant’s status, it is not lawful or decent to force a worker to work overly long hours, deny them necessary safety equipment and training, and withhold the pay they have earned.

Ensuring your employees are treated fairly is not only the right thing to do, but may also prevent you from having legal action taken against you. The content in this blog is meant to be informative, but should not replace the advice of a lawyer.

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