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Florida contractor violates OSHA fall safety standards

The high demand for real estate in the Miamia area prompts continuous building, which creates a prime environment for contractors and subcontractors in the state’s construction industry. Even though it may be tempting for some companies to take measures that allow them to place lower bids and win more contracts, cutting corners could lead to much higher costs in the end. Failure to ensure worker safety may result in hefty financial penalties while creating situations with the potential to generate employee litigation.

According to a recent U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration news release, one South Florida construction contractor did not provide the requisite fall protection for his workers. When OSHA inspected the company’s job sites, inadequate or missing safety equipment was discovered. A lack of training in safety hazards and procedures and exposed openings over drops up to 18 feet were also cited. The company was given 15 days to correct the problems. As a result of the violations, the company was fined more than $53,000.

OSHA fall protection information guidelines provide detailed instructions for companies to follow so that construction workers will not be injured. These include rail systems to avoid falls, as well as equipment to prevent harm if a fall does occur. The federal agency requires companies to clean, maintain and store the equipment according to specific standards, and there are also regular inspection criteria that must be met. By adhering to OSHA regulations for the construction industry, contractors and subcontractors reduce the risks to their employees and their businesses.

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