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June 2016 Archives

Can I monitor my employees’ online activities?

It may be rare for a company in Florida to have a workplace free of computers and electronic resources. Even if you have one of these businesses, your employees may still have smartphones with which they are able to access social media accounts, email and other communication methods. While activities that are not work related may be a productivity issue for your company, they may also compromise important information. However, as the Small Business Administration points out, your rights as an employer only extend to a certain point before you are guilty of violating privacy laws, which could put you at risk for employment litigation.

What belongs in a job applicant’s background check?

Before you hire a new employee to work for your Florida business, you have probably prepared by putting a process in place that helps you identify the best person for the job. For many employers, this includes a background check. According to the Small Business Administration, there are some guidelines that you will want to follow when determining what information you should request in order to avoid a misstep that could lead to business litigation.

How do I dissolve my business partnership?

When you and your partner began your company in Florida, you may have had confidence that you would be able to continue working together for years to come. At times, circumstances change that make owning a business unfeasible for one partner. Other partners discover that different temperaments prevent successful decision-making. Whatever your situation, when you decide that the partnership must be dissolved, there are certain steps that you must take.

Don't overlook your estate plan when going through divorce

When you're going through a divorce, it's normal to be primarily concerned with issues like property division, spousal and child support, custody and parenting time schedules. These are things that are likely to affect your day-to-day schedule in the here and now, and they are common areas of disagreement in the family courts. However, it's also important to think about and plan for the future when you are drawing up a divorce settlement and deciding who gets what.

Florida contractor violates OSHA fall safety standards

The high demand for real estate in the Miamia area prompts continuous building, which creates a prime environment for contractors and subcontractors in the state’s construction industry. Even though it may be tempting for some companies to take measures that allow them to place lower bids and win more contracts, cutting corners could lead to much higher costs in the end. Failure to ensure worker safety may result in hefty financial penalties while creating situations with the potential to generate employee litigation.

Are you ready to sign a commercial real estate lease?

Finding the appropriate location for your small business in the Miami area is essential to your company’s success. While you may seek out a lender who will finance a commercial real estate purchase, many fledgling businesses decide to lease a building instead. Before you take this step, the Small Business Administration recommends taking several measures to ensure that a successful commercial real estate lease is negotiated.

Mechanic's lien on your property? Don't panic

Your home improvement project is complete and the general contractor is paid in full. Now comes the scary part: The contractor did not pay one or more of the subcontractors and they in turn put a "mechanic's lien" on your home or property. This legal claim against your property could force you into foreclosure unless you pay the subcontractor yourself.

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