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How do you deal with an employee who sexually harasses others?

Sexual harassment in the workplace should never be taken lightly. If one or more people have reported that one of your employees in Miami has said or done something that is inappropriate, it is essential for you to deal with the situation. However, you must take steps to resolve the issue in the correct manner to prevent any litigation from the employee.

The Houston Chronicle points out that the person who has acted improperly may not be aware that the behavior is sexual harassment. Requiring the employee to go through training may be the solution to identifying which specific actions or statements were unacceptable. If a probationary period is necessary, completion of this type of program may be part of the conditions for reinstatement.

When an employee exhibits remorse after you have addressed the behavior, it is possible you will not need to pursue the issue beyond the documentation of the incident and the meeting. However, you may have to take disciplinary action against a person who refuses to accept the validity of the accusation. If the employee has a record of less than exemplary performance of job duties, this may be the time to begin the process of termination.

As with any termination, you should ensure that all steps of this course of action are followed to the letter as per your company’s policies and procedures. Experts recommend involving the legal department and human resources to ensure that no cause for a potential lawsuit is provided. This information is general in nature, and does not address specifics, so it should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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