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May 2016 Archives

The new overtime rule may affect Florida businesses

Companies in Miami have the freedom to set the pay scale for their employees according to the best interests of the business, as long as they follow the wage and hour laws set by state and federal governments. These regulations include both the minimum wage and overtime regulations, as well as exceptions and other issues that may affect a business, such as the type of industry, the age of the employee, the size of the company and others.

How do you deal with an employee who sexually harasses others?

Sexual harassment in the workplace should never be taken lightly. If one or more people have reported that one of your employees in Miami has said or done something that is inappropriate, it is essential for you to deal with the situation. However, you must take steps to resolve the issue in the correct manner to prevent any litigation from the employee.

What you should know about canceling a building contract

Before a person signs a contract with a builder in Florida, it is essential to review all the terms carefully, as these are binding. However, although breach of contract is illegal, there are certain circumstances where it may be possible to cancel the contract. For example, the Florida Bar Association explains that there are some types of contracts that automatically allow a three-day cancellation option in the event of a contract dispute. These may not apply to a building contract, though, as they typically are for real estate purchases or services that are expected to be ongoing.

Age discrimination, the ADEA and the FCRA

Workers in Florida who are over the age of 40 may believe they have extra hurdles in the competitive job market due to their age, or that being closer to retirement prevents them from consideration as an applicant. Some may be quick to file litigation when they are unable to secure or maintain employment, or when they are passed over for a promotion or raise.

What is builder's risk insurance and who needs it?

When a home, building or other structure has any repairs, renovations, additions or any type of construction-incurred expense to it, builder's risk insurance can help protect against certain damage and physical loss. During this time, there's an inherent risk of destruction to the structure or fixtures, as well as to construction tools, materials, technology or equipment. Replacement and repair of this property can be costly and hamper business along with daily living. This type of insurance can safeguard a specific covered interest in the property during the building process.

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