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As you run your business in Miami, Florida, you may come across many day-to-day activities that require you to seek legal information. Contracts, for example, are legally binding, and a breach of the terms has the potential to lead to litigation. In some situations, you may discover that having information about the applicable laws may not be enough. At Welbaum Guernsey, we often provide advice to business owners who are unsure of the best way to proceed in a legal matter.

The Florida Bar acknowledges that you have the right to represent yourself, including interpreting and applying legal information to your own situation. However, it is against the law for someone who is not a licensed member of The Florida Bar to perform this service for someone else in the state. This includes tasks as seemingly innocuous as providing assistance with filling out legal forms. You may ask for and receive a legal form from someone who is not a lawyer, but he or she cannot tell you which one you need, or tell you what information to put in it.

When seeking legal advice, keep in mind that in addition to extensive schooling to get a law degree, attorneys must engage in ongoing education to stay current with business law. These courses typically also include training in ethical issues, and there are standards and regulations that attorneys must follow, as well. You can get no such guarantee from a person who is not bound by these responsibilities. There is more information about services an attorney may provide on our web page.

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