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What companies should know about products liability

A business in Miami, Florida, should never intentionally offer goods or services that could cause its customers harm. However, when using a product does lead to an injury, the company can be held liable for the damages. For this reason, it is important to understand products liability and the potential consequences of a lawsuit.

Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute explains that products are not necessarily tangible goods, as real estate, pets and intangibles such as utilities are also covered by product liability laws. The product may have a flaw in the design that makes it dangerous, it may have defective parts because of a problem during production, or the company may provide faulty information about the product that leads to harm.

Strict liability means that even when the manufacturer, the seller or the distributor does everything in their power to ensure the product’s safety, any one of them could be held responsible for their part if a person is harmed. According to Florida statute, more than one person or entity may have a part in the defective product at any point in the process, including the following:

  •          Formulation
  •          Preparation
  •          Design
  •          Assembly
  •          Manufacture
  •          Construction

The jury may distribute the fault among all of those who are implicated based on the percentage that they deem is right. The damage that a company may be ordered to pay could include medical expenses, lost wages, lost support, repair costs and any other financial loss directly related to the harm done by the defective product.

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