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Eliminating uncertainty on the construction site

When working on a construction project in Miami, Florida, you may be working with many professionals that include design teams and architects, contractors, subcontractors and construction workers, as well as owners, stakeholders and others. Sometimes, elements outside your control may cause the work to develop defects that could still be linked back to you. At Welbaum Guernsey, we are aware of the need to reduce the threat of construction litigation during the years after the project is completed.

According to McGraw Hill Construction’s Smart Market Report, site conditions that were not anticipated are the most common causes of uncertainty, as well as creating the highest potential for problems such as construction defects. Regardless of your role on the project, experts agree that when you and every other team involved are able to communicate about your expectations, it may lessen the risk of unforeseen issues that could develop into crises.

Because it is rare for any one member of the project to understand all the functions involved, knowledge gaps may be the primary source of complications. For example, an owner could omit critical information about the purposes of the building when discussing the plans with the design team. Or, a contractor may be able to see that the schedule is not realistic and will cause conflict between subcontractors and construction workers. Either of these situations could result in technical difficulties that lead to a defect.

One key, experts say, is for you and your team to be able to have open channels of communication with other teams. Coordination from the beginning can help everyone to predict obstacles as the various components of the project come together. To learn more about this topic, visit our page on the construction industry.

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