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Contract employees: What employers should know

Before signing any contract with an employee, an employer in Miami, Florida, should make sure that all aspects of the document are legal and aboveboard to prevent costly litigation. According to Chron.com, it is only a legally enforceable contract if it meets certain criteria. For example, it must state the reason that it has been drawn up. It must also include a definition of the terms and conditions. Finally, the parties that sign it must be competent, meeting the minimum age and mental ability conditions.

When the potential worker will be a contract employee, Chron.com states that the agreement is known as a fixed-term employment contract. This document protects both parties, ensuring that the employee provides acceptable work in performing the duties included, and that the employer will provide a certain rate of pay for that work.

An untrustworthy employee who has breached contracts with other employers may cause issues for the company, so it is especially important to conduct a full screening process. Because contract workers typically rely on their previous employment to ensure future jobs, it is usually fairly easy to check their work history for reliability and successfully completed contracts.

When there is a high demand for contract employees in a field, an employer may decide to retain a worker in spite of a breach of contract. For example, if the work is less than acceptable, it may be a misunderstanding of the duties required. Communicating with the employee about the level of service provided may solve the issue and enable both parties to complete the terms of the contract.

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