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October 2015 Archives

Addressing legal issues that accompany startups

When an entrepreneur in Miami, Florida, prepares to start a new business, the number of factors that must be considered may seem overwhelming. Forbes magazine warns that neglecting to address key legal issues could lead to business litigation, and even complete failure. Something as seemingly simple as the name of the company could cause problems, if it is not thoroughly researched to determine whether the domain name is taken or there is an issue with trademark infringement. A name does not have to be identical to infringe on a trademark, if it is similar enough to cause confusion to customers.

Antitrust laws prevent unfair competition in the marketplace

Business owners in Florida are subject to federal laws that protect competition, which is essential to prevent corporations from raising prices unfairly for consumers and to promote quality products and services. According to the Federal Trade Commission, these antitrust laws are applied by courts based on current marketplace conditions, so they remain fair even though they were passed over a century ago.

Contractors: Do you know what's in your surety bond?

Most contractors are familiar with the phrase "measure twice, cut once." Put another way, be sure of what you're doing before you do it. This holds true for signing a surety bond, the contract that guarantees you'll complete a construction job as promised, and holds both you and a surety liable if you fail to do so.

Source of high rise explosion still under investigation

According to the Florida Construction Defects Statute, a construction defect may arise from a number of sources and situations. The flaw might come from the way the project was supervised, built, altered or surveyed, to name a few. When one of these leads to a violation, there could be grounds for an injured person to make a claim against the responsible parties.

What you need to know about executing a will

If the entertainment industry has taught us anything, it's that real life is never so simple. The same could be said about death. After someone dies in a TV drama, we're often treated to a scene in which a person behind a desk doles out the contents of the deceased person's will. One surviving family member gets an antique pocket watch while another gets a million-dollar windfall, and the family feuds launch from there.

Florida real estate industry benefits from aerial drones

Photographs are particularly useful in aiding commercial real estate transactions. With the use of aerial pictures and videos, developers and property-management companies are able to provide more in-depth and visually appealing data to show off various aspects of their properties. This may be one of the reasons this industry has seen so many applications filed with the Federal Aviation Administration to operate unmanned drones.

What facility accommodations does the ADA require?

If you are a small business owner in Miami, Florida, with 15 or more workers, and you are seeking to hire a new employee, federal law requires you to make accommodations for a person with a disability who wishes to apply. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act National Network, whether your company’s facility meets employment regulations for that person depends on a variety of factors that are case specific.

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