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Preventing contract disputes and litigation

Even when a business contract is signed, there are ways for a person to dispute its validity in court, which can result in high legal fees and the dismissal of the deal. At Welbaum Guernsey, our goal is to help you avoid the expenses involved in unnecessary business litigation. We understand that, as a contractor in Miami, Florida, being taken to court over the legitimacy of a contract may cause you significant loss of compensation, which may make it difficult for you to remain in business.

Engaging the services of a notary public is one way you can ensure that all contracts are honored. The state government appoints a notary public to provide a neutral, third-party witness when documents are signed. You can generally find notary services through your local bank. Before your contract is signed, the notary will check the identification of all signers. To be acceptable, each identification must have a signature, a physical description and a current photograph.

According to the National Notary Association, before the notary applies the official seal to the document, the following criteria must be met:

  •          Text that represents the commitment of the signer
  •          An original signature
  •          A certificate filled in and signed by the Notary

Being able to provide proof of identification of the signer prevents business fraud and ensures that your contracts have legal signatures. Keep in mind, though, that the verification of a signature does not mean the language of the contract is legal. People who have questions about how to ensure that a contract is enforceable may find our page helpful.

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