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How can I avoid false advertising in Miami-Dade County?

To keep your retail company in Florida safe from business litigation over perceived deceptive trade practices, it is wise to review the state and local consumer protection laws. False advertising is a problematic area that is especially important to evaluate because it is possible to be sued even when you did not intend for your advertisement to be misleading. The Miami-Dade County government includes an Office of Consumer Protection that provides specific information about the county uniform trade standards on false advertising.

Among the many rules enforced by the county, the wording and representation of the products you are placing on sale must be specific, but it could still be considered illegal if a customer believes that it is misleading, ambiguous or untrue. With this in mind, you should not list an item at its regular price and imply that it is a sale price with an end date, even though the fact that it is available at that price through those date ranges is literally true.

Similarly, if you list a sale price with the previous price along with it for comparison, it is not enough to reflect the cost of the item in your establishment. According to the law, that previous price must have been the typical market price for the three months before you ran the ad. You must also place a prominent statement in the advertisement if the sale price refers to refurbished or irregular products.

The information provided here regarding false advertising and consumer protection laws in Miami-Dade County should not be considered legal advice.

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