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July 2015 Archives

How to write a business plan, part 1: Finances

One of the first tasks a person who wants to start a company in Miami, Florida should undertake is writing a business plan, which provides guidelines and projections for the future of the company. As a critical part of this document, the U.S. Small Business Administration recommends creating a financial plan, which presents anticipated monetary resources and expenditures and how they will be recorded, usually covering a scope of three to five years. This section of the business plan provides guidance and a course of action, playing a major role in the future success of the company.

Gender identity is now protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Protection from discrimination lawsuits is critical for businesses in Florida. However, even for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, interpreting and enforcing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 can be complicated. In the past, the word “sex” has been interpreted as “gender” and has been applied to the fair treatment of women in the workplace. A recent EEOC ruling has broadened the scope of the word “sex,” so it now shields people of any gender identity or sexual orientation from workplace discrimination, as well.

How does an oral contract work in Florida?

Most significant transactions involve business contracts, whether you are buying a car or placing an order for your company. However, there are some people in Miami and other parts of the country who still believe a verbal contract is as good as one that’s on paper. If you agreed to do business with only an oral contract, are you able to have it enforced in the event of a contract dispute? How does business litigation work when there is no paper contract? Isn’t this type of agreement too old-fashioned for today’s world?

How can I avoid false advertising in Miami-Dade County?

To keep your retail company in Florida safe from business litigation over perceived deceptive trade practices, it is wise to review the state and local consumer protection laws. False advertising is a problematic area that is especially important to evaluate because it is possible to be sued even when you did not intend for your advertisement to be misleading. The Miami-Dade County government includes an Office of Consumer Protection that provides specific information about the county uniform trade standards on false advertising.

Understanding industrial property

When a company in Florida creates a solution to a technical problem, the idea itself is considered industrial property and is owned by the company when it is patented. If another company uses patented information without authorization, it is grounds for an intellectual property dispute. Patentable industrial property may take a number of forms, and federal and international laws define what a company or individual may patent.

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