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May 2015 Archives

Franchise disclosure documents and financial components

Franchising can be a good option for those looking to become successful small business owners. This type of business can relieve one from the many uncertainties that accompany a startup, but it is important to understand the financial components within the disclosure document. Before making any commitments, the U.S. Small Business Administration recommends researching the company thoroughly to ensure that the franchise is a good fit. By interviewing other franchise owners and reviewing all disclosed documentation carefully, a potential franchisee can avoid any unnecessary issues or surprises down the road.

How to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

Unfortunately, sexual harassment is all too common in workplaces throughout Florida, and all of the U.S. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, there were over 6,800 sexual harassment allegations included in alleged charges in 2014. For many employers, allowing this type of behavior can result in low productivity and poor employee morale, as well as costly litigation. Therefore, it can be the best interest of employers, and their employees, to prevent sexual harassment from occurring in their workplaces.

What are Chapter 713 construction liens?

Construction can be somewhat risky for people, and contractors, in Florida, and elsewhere. As a home or business owner, if you pay ahead of time, there is the potential that the work will not be completed. Likewise, as a contractor, if you are not paid before you start, there is a risk that you will not be paid for your work. For that reason, contracts are often used to help ensure that both sides are protected, and to avoid construction litigation. Many such contracts include Chapter 713 construction liens.

Reviewing employment discrimination lawsuits in Florida

For businesses of all sizes, there are a wide variety of time-consuming and stressful issues that may arise. After all, between ensuring customer satisfaction, hiring employees and managing inventories, many employers have a lot on their plate. That said, it is very important for employers to ensure that employees are not discriminated against and take the appropriate course of action if they believe discrimination may have occurred. In Miami, Florida, and across the nation, lawsuits involving allegations of workplace discrimination and civil rights violations can have damaging consequences.

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