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January 2015 Archives

Employee files suit over alleged discrimination

Unfortunately, far too many people continue to experience discrimination in the workplace and suffer because of employment law violations. From sexual harassment to civil rights violations, there are a number of issues that affect employees in Miami and across Florida. However, when an employee believes that they have experienced discrimination, employers can be affected negatively as well. For example, a worker may decide to sue their employer and business litigation can be devastating for companies.

Helping businesses properly address contract disputes

There are a number of stressful, time-consuming and costly problems that business owners have to go through on a regular basis. However, contract disputes can be particularly difficult. When contract disputes occur, it is very important for companies to address them properly. Even though there are steps that can be taken to prevent a contract dispute from taking place, these issues will continue to affect businesses in Miami and across the state of Florida and it is imperative for business owners to take the appropriate course of action. At Welbaum Guernsey, we are committed to helping businesses in this position navigate the legal system and take the proper approach. 

How mediation is intended to work in construction litigation

Construction projects small and large can involve multiple parties and have many complicated circumstances. The broad-reaching effects of construction work through an entire building or area can make construction management contracts complex and are often the basis upon which businesses in Florida find themselves involved in construction litigation.

Judge dismisses charges against contractor

The construction industry is one wrought with many challenges at times. Florida construction businesses must be ever vigilant about safety procedures, guidelines and laws when work is taking place. Similarly, they must pay special attention to contract verbiage and work standards in an effort to avoid unnecessary construction litigation.

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