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What functions should not be given to a company president?

When setting up a company structure, the choice of which tasks to delegate can be one of the most difficult for many business owners in Florida. Even when operating as a sole proprietorship the option to outsource some functions can still be a consideration, making this decision truly one that every person who owns a business must face. The decisions made in this realm can affect many things including how business disputes are handled and more.

The National Federation of Independent Businesses offers some insight to business people struggling with what tasks to put in the hands of a company president with good thoughts regarding long-term success as well as avoiding business litigation. The mentorship of any people who report directly to the company owner should be solely managed by that owner, not by another party. This ensures the type of mentorship desired as well as may prevent conflicts among team members in attempts to get special attention and notice.

Any decision or action that ultimately has company-wide impact should be led by the owner directly. Leadership starts from the top and funnels down from there and allowing these critical elements to be led by anyone other than the owner compromises the ability to instill the right values throughout an organization. It is also important for owners and presidents to be fully aware that final responsibility for all decisions and resulting consequences rests squarely with the owners.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but general information about delegating key business functions to a company president in Florida.

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